Ban on women buying alcohol lifted in Sri Lanka

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Colombo January 11

For the first time in more than 60 years in Sri Lanka, the law banning women from buying alcohol has been repealed. The Sri Lankan government has allowed women over the age of 18 to buy alcohol.

According to the Sri Lankan government, the law on non-discrimination against women enacted in 1955 was revised. The amendment to the law was announced yesterday, and according to this law, women are allowed to work in places where alcohol is sold without having to obtain prior approval.

The new law has been welcomed by many Sri Lankan women and they have written on social media expressing their gratitude to the government for the decision. According to the new law, women no longer need to obtain the approval of the High Commissioner of Excise in order to work and drink in places where alcohol is available, including restaurants.

While there is widespread support for this initiative, some people are saying that it is a move that will make women more addicted to alcohol. In Sri Lanka, most women consider alcohol to be against Sri Lankan culture and traditionally avoid drinking alcohol.

Ref: BBC News
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