At least 17 people died in California landslides

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Last month, due to the forest fire, the trees on the hills, At least 17 people were killed and some houses were destroyed by floods and landslides in the northern US city of Los Angeles, where forests were destroyed. With at least 17 people missing, the police, National Guard A search and rescue team from Los Angeles County, with assistance from the Coast Guard, was expanding the search for survivors on Wednesday.

Amber Anderson, spokeswoman for Santa Barbara County, said the whereabouts of the people is unknown and they are believed to be among the debris. As the rainstorm that caused the landslide disappeared early on Tuesday, they were knee-deep in swamps. Helicopters to rescue those trapped inside their homes. It clears the way for emergency rescue workers who use dogs to search.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said at least a dozen homes were destroyed or major damage was possible in dry areas. The top priority is to check if there are any survivors in the destroyed buildings, the district police chief said.

Montecito is believed to have suffered the most casualties. A Santa Barbara County spokeswoman said some streets in affluent Montecito looked like rivers of mud, blocked by large logs and rocks.

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