A woman falls from a mountain as Burmese abandoned by brokers flee to Thai army

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A woman falls from a mountain as Burmese abandoned by brokers flee to Thai army
Published By DVB | 24 January, 2022

In Mae Lamat Township, Tak Province, on the Thai-Burmese border, a Burmese migrant worker who was thrown into the jungle by a broker fled after seeing a Thai soldier, a woman fell from a mountain and was injured, according to the Thai News Agency.

On the afternoon of January 22, Thai police under the 35th Light Infantry Battalion patrolled the border foothills near Khun Hwe Not Lay Village, Pharathat Village Tract, Mae Lamat Township, while patrolling border security and violating the law. The official told reporters that the men fled the scene when they saw the authorities.

Initially, three men were arrested, and after the village security forces were called in for reinforcements, 14 men and 11 women were arrested. One of the women was running and fell from the mountain, screaming for help.

He had bruises on his leg and body and could not walk, so he was carried by the army. He was rushed to a hospital for more than an hour.

According to the interrogation, they were all from Burma and had to pay a broker between 20,000 and 25,000 baht to go to work in Bangkok and were arrested while the broker was left in the jungle.

Political instability after the military coup in Burma Life is not safe. People are entering Thailand illegally every day due to food and shelter shortages. They have been involved in accidents while evading inspections.

On January 21, a truck carrying illegal Burmese people collided with a 10-wheeler truck in Sai Yot Township, Kanchanaburi District, killing five people. Four people were seriously injured and the Thai driver was involved in a car accident. He was arrested on suspicion of smuggling foreigners.

In Kanchanaburi district, 107 illegal Burmese (male 66, female 41) were arrested from 5 village tracts in two townships from 22 to 23 January. They are the Trinity. molamyne၊ Yangon, Bago According to a local report in Kanchanaburi, the brokers were paid between 10,000 and 27,000 baht per person.

According to a Thai military statement, 16 Burmese illegal immigrants were arrested in the early morning of the 23rd in Ma Kham Phone Tract, Kawlaat Township, Prakhat Khiri Khan District, western Thailand.

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