Police in Maui have tortured a pregnant woman to death

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Police in Maui have tortured a pregnant woman to death

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A 25-year-old pregnant woman was tortured to death by police in Maubin Township, Irrawaddy Division.

On the afternoon of January 26, a suspect overturned on his way to arrest a suspect in Kyon Sut village, breaking the ribs of Police Superintendent Win Myint.

“The accident was not caused by a vehicle malfunction. The accident was caused by a reckless driving,” said a source close to the traffic police.

According to most Maubin residents, the two were involved in the alleged abduction of 25-year-old Ma Tin Maw Linn, the wife of a municipal employee, on suspicion of theft and death.

The car they were riding in overturned was that of a resident arrested on suspicion of having a PDF.“The Maubin police extort money from the residents for various reasons. I was tortured. I confiscated the goods. Murder. Things that will be cursed, ”said a vendor at Myoma Market in Maubin.

In the third week of January, Maung Maung, a ranger at the Maubin Township Police Station who was involved in the interrogation of Tin Maw Lin, was receiving medical treatment after being stabbed by a drug addict, according to Maubin residents.

Tin Maw Lin, a pregnant woman, and her husband were arrested by the Maubin Police in connection with the disappearance of gold jewelery at the Deputy Commander-in-Chief’s home.Mizzima – News in Burmese

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